MFR provides its customers with turnkey solutions involving a wide range of aquatic equipment.

We work with our customers in selecting their equipment whatever their needs.

Complete Movable Floor System

Movable swimming pool floors are part of MFR's custom-designed and manufactured equipment. Whether for an Olympic-size pool that must meet FINA specifications or for a special project, MFR is qualified to design, manufacture and install this type of equipment.

MFR is on the leading edge of the industry : our movable floor computer control system, designed by our engineers, features a digital depth indicator and a touch screen that greatly facilitates its operation.

Pool Bulkheads

We're qualified to install and repair pool bulkheads.

MFR is the official distributor for Eastern Canada of "Natare Corporation" products, which means we can offer you equipment such as bulkheads and other components.


Replacement Parts

Working in conjunction with subcontractors, MFR can offer you a wide range of customized replacement parts made of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.